About Us


Darren Davis - Lead Singer

Darren is the voice of The Bobcats. He has one of the most recognised vocals on the Rock & Roll circuit. He has been singing since his early teenage years and his passion for the fifties music shows the minute he steps onto stage. Whether its Doo-Wop & Jive, Rock & Roll or Rockabilly, Darren lights up the stage as soon as he starts to sing. 

This larger than life character is our very own gentle giant.


Shaun ”Tugga” Jenkinson - Drummer / Backing Vocals

Shaun’s love for the 1950s music began at a very young age. His parents took him to clubs where Rock & Roll bands played and immediately fell in love with playing the drums. His  dad bought him his first kit which he kept in his garage and told everybody it sounded like he was making a shed !!!!!

This self taught drummer progressed over the years playing in a few Rock & Roll bands, then had the opportunity to join The Bobcats.

Shaun is the joker of the band but always shows his professional side as soon as he starts performing with the band


John Wright - Double bass / Backing Vocals

It all started back in 1974 when he was born into Rock 'n' Roll, Rockabilly with his parents who gave him the middle name of Elvis, He was put on stage with his plastic guitar when he was around 2 years of age by Bob Cotton from the Jets then B.R.A.D. As he grew up he started playing the guitar at 7 years old and  got a few words of wisdom from Bob on how to learn guitar as he did. Then he moved to the drums for 7 years which he just practised at home. As the years rolled by he really wanted to learn double bass, so in 96 he started to take lessons from a classically trained B.A honours jazz musician who taught him everything apart from slap bass which he had to learn by himself together with his own technique. From then on he has never looked back, progressing and learning all the time and trying new things, listening to Shakin' Stevens, The Jets, Crazy Cavan, Elvis etc. And the rest is history as they say....


David Jackson “Daddycool” - Guitar Backing Vocals

A seasoned performer with a long history of playing in top bands at theatres and venues all over the country  -  rock and roll shows / soul shows / tribute bands + much more....... 

Delighted to be out on the road Rockin With The Bobcats.


Mark Watson - Sax Player

Started playing the saxophone in 1972. Then from 1979 played in Rock & Roll bands that’s took me all round the world. He still love playing Rock & Roll and think its the best type of music for a tenor sax player. In his early days he’s been on TV playing in a few films, one being Memphis Belle starring Harry Connick Junior.